Wind Blown

February 28, 2013

Happy Thursday everyone! This post is dedicated to my dear friend Taylor for finding this awesome maxi and passing it over to me. She has since moved to Nashville and we miss her terribly over at MBK! Happy Thursday everyone! 
xoxo, MT


February 25, 2013

Back to the ol' grind today. Oh Monday, you always seize to suck. The great news is the sun is finally coming back out again and Spring is just around the corner. Start getting your patterns out!
xoxo, MT


February 23, 2013

Geo-Flo' is my new found, proclaimed abbreviation for Geometric and Floral, which seems to be all the "craze" this season. Symmetrical, Asymmetrical, Geometrical, Floral, and anything pattern are fitting for this category. These awesome styles can be found anywhere from Mara Hoffman to Target. 
xoxo, MT

Rock the Red

February 22, 2013

Ok, not gonna lie, I was freezing my A off for this photo shoot. It was FRIDGED outside. Needless to say, I was excited to bring this romper back out of my closet. I love it for all occasions. Dress it up for a fancy affair, or even an afternoon on the beach with a pair of sandals. For you DC folk, my title is OBVIOUSLY dedicated to the Caps. Too bad Ovechkin isn't pulling through this season. (Ok, I'm getting off topic here. This is a FASHION blog.)
xoxo, MT

Ace of Spade

February 20, 2013

 Kate Spade really knows how to show off some bling bling. Collared shirts and printed skirts a like. More great taste by the ladies over at Sassanova. Check out the latest at their Bethesda and Georgetown stores!
xoxo, MT

On the Grid

February 18, 2013

Kate Spade and Dolce Vita are on the "grid" over at Sassanova. If I could wear Kate Spade all day, every day for the rest of my life, I probably would. Her flirty, fun colors and patterns are eye catching and classic.
xoxo, MT

Shop Savvy Saturday

February 16, 2013

For those of you Westfield Montgomery Mall shoppers, I'm excited to say that the savvy department over at everyone's favortie, "Nordies," has made a transformation: killer brands, right-this-second trends and really, really good prices. I'm pretty much obsessed with it. You can also check out the store's new styles online. Here are some of my favorites thus far.
Happy Shopping!
xoxo, MT

Be Mine

February 14, 2013

In preparation for Valentines day, tied up or single, get your very best shade of pink ready to go! Now for Sale at Sassanova, make sure to grab this perfect little dress by Dolce Vita. Also shown with: Clutch: Lauren Merkin, Earings: Asha by ADM 'Lily', Necklace: Blue Sky
Get a similar look below!
xoxo, MT

All of the Brights

February 13, 2013

Complimentary colors never fail, and neither does Nanette Lepore. This outfit is simple and caj (my abbreviation for casual) I also seem to find a problem with the fit of a lot of skinny jeans. I don't know if anyone else has this problem but, sometimes the leg openings are so small, that I can't even get my foot through. Easy adjustment here... take a pair of scissors and cut those suckers! I actually love the frayed look anyway. 
xoxo, MT

Inspector Clouseau

February 11, 2013

I decided to humor my boss on this one and go with the name "Inspector Clouseau." I guess the hat and trench coat gave that away. Ok, so what? he's a classic right? The guy must have style. Either way, I thought the combination with just a touch of yellow really pulled the look together. For those of you who have been following, I found my perfect hat! I went with The Sweater Knit Rancher from anthro. Can't wait to find other things to pair it with. Make sure to check out where to get the look below.
xoxo, MT

Mulicolor Must-haves

February 8, 2013

I'd have to say, it's probably best to keep your credit cards locked away when you're home sick and stuck in bed. At least for me anyway. With that being said, I found my latest obsession today. Anything Clover Canyon Apparel. All of those bright brights and bold patterns are completely up my alley!
xoxo, MT

Circle Circle, Dot Dot

February 7, 2013

Hope everyone is making it through the week ok. I woke up this morning with a terrible cold! (Boo) Instead of staying in my PJs swaddled in blankets, I decided to man up and get dressed. In anticipation for Spring, I threw on a mixture of patterns and colors for experimenting. Has the groundhog seen his shadow yet??
xoxo, MT

Sleek Neutrals

February 1, 2013

Happy Friday everyone! As per my prior post Shimmer and Shake, you can see what a great versatile blazer this is. I just can't get enough! Thanks again Lacy Couture. See where you can get the look below.
xoxo, MT